Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nollie Flips With Justin Nguyen

This was an old college essay attempt that I was experimenting with. It's totally cheesy, but I threw in some profanity to help it out. It's kind of like a photo with accompanying text.

1. The feeling of rolling away from a trick, no matter how simple, is purely liberating. Unfortunately for you, this trick isn’t so simple – it involves flipping the board from the nose instead of the tail, essentially kickflipping switch stance. Roll nollie, with your front foot on the nose and your weight in the middle of the board.

2. Check yoself before you wreck yoself. Being hotheaded and breaking your ankle is one of many ways to humble yourself, as I’ve learned. So make sure you chigity-check yoself. Set your feet up - front foot square on the nose and your back foot hanging off the bolts in a pointy nollie-flippy position.

3. This is where vision meets reality. Pop the nose like you’re poppin’ a cap. If at first you don’t succeed, call an airstrike.

4. Every jump is a leap to defy the laws of physics and to be finally amount to something greater than this limited world - so jump high. Flick your back foot across the board to make it turn on its axis. Try to avoid looking like a frog.

5. Take your time – watch it flip and wait for that familiar grippy tape. Good things come to those who [skate] (I think its supposed to be “wait”). Appreciate the beauty of the physics – its pretty wicked eh?

6. Do not think. Feel. As Bruce Lee said. If you’re feelin’ it, stick that shit!

7. Bring your board down and roll away like a boss. Destroy all obstacles, be it rocks, bumps, or even security guards.

8. Congratulate yourself and repeat about one thousand more times. Practice makes perfect, being steezy ain't easy.

Like art, skateboarding has no set of rules or boundaries, and everyone has their own individual style. Now that I’ve shown you the basics, go out and make it your own; craft your own personal Nollie Flip. I’m Justin Nguyen and that’s how you Nollie Flip. Now throw it off some stairs!

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