Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inception Review

The most contagious thing is an idea. Once an idea is planted it grows into a virus or cancer or something like that, according to Leonardo Dicaprio. And the idea or concept behind, what I feel is not only the best summer movie but perhaps the best movie I’ve seen in QUITE a while, Inception, is pretty original. I’d like to say something cliche like my opinion is worthless and I’m just writing this for the hell of it, but if I didn’t feel strongly about my taste or thought it was no value, I probably wouldn’t be writing this for the hell of it.

First of all, goddamn. I don’t know where to start. It was brilliant, definitely up to par with some of my favorites (can’t beat Pulp Fiction, of course). It wasn’t the typical summer blockbuster with explosions and car chases and shootouts (Transformers sucks!); it also had one of the most intricate twisted plotlines breeching that of and requiring the logical processing to follow The Departed (also with Dicaprio). Although, at times, the ridiculousness of the plot approached a little too farfetched, everything pieced together perfectly which makes this film a pretty damn good work of art.
The premise is based around manipulating dreams and the subconscious to extract or implant information in a person’s mind. With this we get dream-within-dream scenarios, worlds that break the barrier of reality, and impossible anti-gravity fight scenes, while all the while raising the existential questions of “What is real?” and “Are we even here?” Nolan did a great job as the director (this was better than The Dark Night), with the help of actors Dicaprio, Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe and personal favorite Ellen Page. The ending is beautifully up to your own interpretation and will have definitely earned a spot in my heart as a “classics” a few seconds, years, decades from now. For those who haven’t seen it, you should go out and watch it now. Stimulate your mind and finally think, for a change. I’d gladly see it again.

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