Monday, February 14, 2011

Claroscuro: Ed Wood Film Festival 2011

Winner of the Best Cinematography Award.
Conceived, shot, and edited in under 24 hours.
cla·ros·cu·ro (m.) - the interplay or contrast of dissimilar qualities (as of mood or character)

Our entry to USC's 2011 Ed Wood Film Festival. This beloved campus-wide festival gives every USC student the opportunity to form a five-person team and create an original five-minute film in 24 hours!
Prop: Energy Drink/Theme: As Bad As It Gets
Actors: Joe and Leeroy Queriapa
Crew: Justin Nguyen, Kevin Dinh, Brandon Choe, Andrew Yang, An Tran
Equipment: Canon 5D Mark II, iPhone 4 flashlights, Final Cut Pro

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